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Body Treatments

Body Treatments



  • Deep cleansing the skin

  • Exfoliating to slough off dead skin cells and reduce the appearance of pores

  • Tone and firm to balance the skin's pH

  • Massage to relax senses, nerves and muscles

  • Detoxify the skin and increase circulation

  • Treat and prevent breakouts and refine the skin's surface texture

  • Correct skin conditions such as: Dehydration, Acne, Excessive Oiliness and Hyperemic conditions like Rosacea

  • Stimulate cell metabolism and promote cellular renewal

  • Reduce fine lines, wrinkles and age spots

  • Scheduling regular monthly facials will reduce signs of premature aging


** Add a SPF 30 sunscreen to your daily skin care routine! This will greatly reduce your chances of getting skin cancer and helps prevent any further skin damage to reduce signs of aging! 90% of wrinkles are caused by the suns UVA rays!


** Certain medications and improper home care can cause premature aging as well. Come in to the Spa today and learn more about how to properly care for your skin!

** Proof of Covid Vaccination required for services

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